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AccessoriesMulcher Compact With carrier guide tube

2 Harrow disks at the front

  • The harrow disks produce a cleanly cut edge between the driving lane and the undervine area so that weeds under the vines can be controlled biologically in one pass.
  • The harrow disks are set manually to the desired width and are then moved hydraulically together and apart by the mulcher.
  • The cutting angle of the harrow disk is adjusted with a toothed disk.

Deflector plate

  • 1 pair of dirt deflector plates (mounted on the side of the mulcher) prevents heavy deposits of dirt from the harrow disk.

Band sprayer

  • A band sprayer can be mounted.

Undervine weeder

  • The simple attachment of undervine weeders on the mulcher is an optimum solution.

Double lower link attachment

  • Provides additional stability and safety.